The Silent Life of Flowers

Floofie gave me my first chance to shoot in Rossland and aside from the couple frames of infrared film, I tried shooting some digital free lensing shots. It’s an interesting technique wherein you remove the lens from the camera mount and hold it up to the mirror box and focus manually. The effect is oftenContinue reading “The Silent Life of Flowers”

Nancy Greene Lake, Rossland, BC

morning at the lake around Nancy Greene Provincial Park were often chilly and we typically had some light mist floating on the waters.  one morning when we arrived at the lake, the entire lake was socked in with clouds.  the visuals that emerged were unlike anything i’d ever photographed before. here are a few framesContinue reading “Nancy Greene Lake, Rossland, BC”

Rossland Salt Prints

here are two images i decided to print yesterday from my trip to Rossland, BC. i wanted to print them in the dark room and chose to do them as salt prints rather than palladium because in some ways, its quick and easy (despite a 20 minute exposure time). the chemistry is simple and theContinue reading “Rossland Salt Prints”

Travelogue – Vancouver, British Columbia

In August 2010 I had the opportunity to travel to Rossland, BC to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. Our host, Michael Cordiez was instrumental in bringing everyone together including two truly inspirational photographers, Dave Aharonian and Ron Skei. The times we spent talking about our craft and philosophy ofContinue reading “Travelogue – Vancouver, British Columbia”

Rossland, BC – First Imressions

The time so far in Rossland has been incredibly energizing. The landscapes are completely inspiring and the people even more so. But having a few moments to shoot a few art nudes with Rhus was all I really needed to make me realize how much there there really is to take advantage of here inContinue reading “Rossland, BC – First Imressions”

Help a Friend – Susie B Benefit Print Sale

hello friends: I am sure that many of you may have heard about Susie B (model mayhem, deviantArt) and her recent accident. While she is currently on the road to recovery, her medical expenses continue to mount. Susie is anxious to return to work as a nurse, but with the recent outbreak of swine flu andContinue reading “Help a Friend – Susie B Benefit Print Sale”