New 55 Film

A few months ago (well, ok now that I look at it, it was last summer) – August 2015 to be more precise, I purchased some New 55 film.  This was a Kickstarter project to create a modern version of Polaroid’s Type 55 film which was an incredible product that in just a few minutesContinue reading “New 55 Film”


so, i had a minor accident in the darkroom. my setup is mostly a board across my washer/dryer in the basement. it works well, but i still have to do laundry. so, one day after making some prints, i left the tray of developer out just because i’m lazy and tired after i’m done. whenContinue reading “Solarization”

the last days of summer

in years past, august has usually meant heading to cananda to hang with some of my favorite people. we didn’t get to do it this year, so here’s a free-lensed shot i did with Floofie back in 2011. good times, to be sure. model: Floofie ©2013 scott nichol unauthorized use prohibited

First 4×5 Enlargements

so, i recently won an ebay auction for an Omega D-II enlarger which gives me the ability to make silver gelatin prints of my 4×5 negatives.  having the ability to make original prints from these negatives is a real joy and it’s also kind of curious that this image printed out much differently than theContinue reading “First 4×5 Enlargements”

Graceful in Form

Shot on Ron Skei’s outdoor backdrop in Rossland, this was one of two film frames we shot on the backdrop.  Light is all natural, shaded by the house.  Film is Ilford Delta 100, pushed to ISO200.  It is the same setup as shown in the Test Shot post from yesterday.  The film has an interestingContinue reading “Graceful in Form”