Travelogue – Vancouver, British Columbia

In August 2010 I had the opportunity to travel to Rossland, BC to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. Our host, Michael Cordiez was instrumental in bringing everyone together including two truly inspirational photographers, Dave Aharonian and Ron Skei. The times we spent talking about our craft and philosophy of artistic photography will provide continued inspiration.

I hope not too much time passes before i get to see my new friends Doug Doyle, Jeany, and Michael’s wonderful wife, Row.

And our work would not be complete without the dedication and tireless work of the models who endure so much of our crazed inspirations. Getting up at 5:30 am to shoot in a freezing lake is not something that many people i know would endure. But the results are always beautiful and full of graceful serenity.

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The friendships that emerge from these collaborations are something that I will cherish for a lifetime. And it is always difficult to say good bye, especially when the next meeting is usually uncertain. The times shared with these friends calms my soul and nourishes my inspirational drive. Excitedly looking forward to what comes next.

27 august, 2010
vancouver, BC

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