Photo Mobility

So, I am writing this posting from a bus traveling from New York City back home to Allentown. It’s becoming quite apparent to me that we’re living in a world that is becoming simultaneously more interconnected and more mobile at the same time. The bus I’m riding on has WiFi and I’m connected to my blog through the WordPress app on my iPad. I’m listening to Pat Metheny in the background and watching the high clouds intensify as we travel west.

Before I left yesterday, I finished up a morning shoot with a model named Firefly Sky and I quickly transferred some of the shots to the iPad so i could review them on the trip up. And I actually brought one of the shots into an app called Filterstorm and produced a really nice, clean edit of the shot. Sure, it’s just a black and white conversion, but I was able to use a curves adjustment tool to recover the highlights a bit and use the channel mixer on the black and white tool to get the skin tones looking really nice.

Is this a bit of gadget geekery? Of course it is, but it’s also kind of liberating. The experience is light and effortless where a laptop would just be cumbersome. The freedom to create while you’ve got the downtime of a bus ride is exciting in ways that are, dare I say, magical and revolutionary.

See you all when I get home…

Firefly - iPad Portrait
Lili Adonia - iPad Portrait
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