Little Pond

The Little Pond Workshop this year had a wee bit of drama this year with a model dropping out last minute and lighter than expected attendance.  This might sound awful, but it meant that I was out as an instructor, but able to work with some of the models as a photographer.  I had myContinue reading “Little Pond”

Rhus – Ferns, Rossland

The post holiday break has given me a chance to revisit some of my old work.  There’s a lot there thats been passed over in favor of the one or two I thought were perfect when I first looked through them.  But there are some that might be less than perfect (slightly soft focus inContinue reading “Rhus – Ferns, Rossland”

Opening the Vault

It’s truly been a while since I’ve posted anything new here.  I hope you’re all not too disappointed in me.  For some reason today I started to think of some old images I shot with an old friend a long time ago.  Almost 8 years ago this week Zinn and I traveled down to theContinue reading “Opening the Vault”

Beltzville, April 2014

lest anyone think i haven’t been shooting anything interesting lately, i’ve just been a bit behind on getting posts up onto the blog. auris and i went out on a truly chilly april morning to one of my favorite outdoor locations. i usually use this spot to start off my outdoor work when it startsContinue reading “Beltzville, April 2014”

the last days of summer

in years past, august has usually meant heading to cananda to hang with some of my favorite people. we didn’t get to do it this year, so here’s a free-lensed shot i did with Floofie back in 2011. good times, to be sure. model: Floofie ©2013 scott nichol unauthorized use prohibited