Rhus – Ferns, Rossland

The post holiday break has given me a chance to revisit some of my old work.  There’s a lot there thats been passed over in favor of the one or two I thought were perfect when I first looked through them.  But there are some that might be less than perfect (slightly soft focus inContinue reading “Rhus – Ferns, Rossland”


no matter how hard you try to supplant what’s really going on during a shoot, sometimes the emotions just creep to the surface. model: Rhus Brutalis Fine art giclée prints are available for purchase by discriminating collectors. These prints are made individually to order in my studio and signed by me. I use quality fineContinue reading “Crestfallen”

Experimentus Brutalis

the last shoot of the year started with some experimentation for the workshop we’re holding in mid-january.  the tiny space is a storage area inside the studio with half-walls.  we have a large softbox that fits just on the top of the walls providing a large, diffuse light source.  i think our students for thisContinue reading “Experimentus Brutalis”

Rossland Salt Prints

here are two images i decided to print yesterday from my trip to Rossland, BC. i wanted to print them in the dark room and chose to do them as salt prints rather than palladium because in some ways, its quick and easy (despite a 20 minute exposure time). the chemistry is simple and theContinue reading “Rossland Salt Prints”

Misty Morning, Nancy Reese Provincial Park

I don’t know what it is about the vibe up here, but there really doesn’t seems to be nearly so many uptight people here when it comes to nudity. We all got up early, Michael (our host), Rhus, Sarah Ellis, and Michael’s photographer friend Doug and headed out to this lake early this morning. RhusContinue reading “Misty Morning, Nancy Reese Provincial Park”

Rossland, BC – First Imressions

The time so far in Rossland has been incredibly energizing. The landscapes are completely inspiring and the people even more so. But having a few moments to shoot a few art nudes with Rhus was all I really needed to make me realize how much there there really is to take advantage of here inContinue reading “Rossland, BC – First Imressions”