Original Alternative Process Prints for Sale!

i’ve finally got some of the e-commerce features of the site up and working and now have the ability to offer some of my wonderful alternative process prints for sale.  they’re a bit more affordable here than they would be when selling through a gallery since i don’t have to work in the gallery commissionContinue reading “Original Alternative Process Prints for Sale!”

Van Dyke Browns

so, i had a bit of a vacation recently.  a week with lots of time to just think about things and i did a bit of research on some new photo processes including making Van Dyke Brown prints.  so, while i was away, i placed an order for a bunch of new chemistry: Ferric AmmoniumContinue reading “Van Dyke Browns”

Solar Prints

so, my friend Lorna showed up yesterday with a pack of solar paper, the kind you’d make photograms of leaves and such outside in the sun. but i decided to print some negatives and chose some lensbaby shots i did with a model friend named Elizabeth. i let her roll around and play sexy andContinue reading “Solar Prints”

Experimentus Brutalis

the last shoot of the year started with some experimentation for the workshop we’re holding in mid-january.  the tiny space is a storage area inside the studio with half-walls.  we have a large softbox that fits just on the top of the walls providing a large, diffuse light source.  i think our students for thisContinue reading “Experimentus Brutalis”

Nancy Greene Lake, Rossland, BC

morning at the lake around Nancy Greene Provincial Park were often chilly and we typically had some light mist floating on the waters.  one morning when we arrived at the lake, the entire lake was socked in with clouds.  the visuals that emerged were unlike anything i’d ever photographed before. here are a few framesContinue reading “Nancy Greene Lake, Rossland, BC”

Travelogue – Vancouver, British Columbia

In August 2010 I had the opportunity to travel to Rossland, BC to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. Our host, Michael Cordiez was instrumental in bringing everyone together including two truly inspirational photographers, Dave Aharonian and Ron Skei. The times we spent talking about our craft and philosophy ofContinue reading “Travelogue – Vancouver, British Columbia”