Help a Friend – Susie B Benefit Print Sale

Susie B - waking, dreaming

Susie B - waking, dreaming

hello friends:

I am sure that many of you may have heard about Susie B (model mayhemdeviantArt) and her recent accident. While she is currently on the road to recovery, her medical expenses continue to mount. Susie is anxious to return to work as a nurse, but with the recent outbreak of swine flu and the surrounding media hype, she is prevented from returning to work. This presents a very serious challenge for Susie to make ends meet on a daily basis.

I’ve been asked by others within the community of artists if I would be interested to hold a benefit print sale of one of the images Susie and I created together while out in New Mexico. The proceeds will go directly to Susie to help her out. I thought this was a wonderful idea that would allow those interested to help out a friend in need and also have something really beautiful to have and hold. I spoke to Susie about this idea and we’re both very excited about this.

So, accordingly, I’ve come up with the following plan. I will be making a run of 12 signed and numbered wet transfer prints of the photo “Waking Dream” that Susie and I created recently. The water transfer prints are incredibly beautiful and completely unique (see the web site below for complete details). I’ve tried to keep these prints as affordable as possible and still maintain a high level of benefit for Susie. Each print will be priced at $175 and there will only be 12 made. Additionally, I will be selling signed (but not numbered) giclee prints of the image at $85 each. For each print sale I will keep a small amount to cover my cost of materials and paypal fees. The rest will go directly to Susie B. Some of the numbered prints are already spoken for and they probably won’t last long.

So, if you can, please help out by purchasing a print today from the web site I’ve set up:

Susie B Benefit Print Sale

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