Only Skinny Chicks Get the Blues

i was asked recently if i only ever work with thin women.  this seems to be a topic that comes up from time to time, not only for me but other photographer friends of mine.  the answer is, of course, no.  but the majority of the women i work with are very fit and trim.Continue reading “Only Skinny Chicks Get the Blues”

Graceful in Form

Shot on Ron Skei’s outdoor backdrop in Rossland, this was one of two film frames we shot on the backdrop.  Light is all natural, shaded by the house.  Film is Ilford Delta 100, pushed to ISO200.  It is the same setup as shown in the Test Shot post from yesterday.  The film has an interestingContinue reading “Graceful in Form”

Rossland Salt Prints

here are two images i decided to print yesterday from my trip to Rossland, BC. i wanted to print them in the dark room and chose to do them as salt prints rather than palladium because in some ways, its quick and easy (despite a 20 minute exposure time). the chemistry is simple and theContinue reading “Rossland Salt Prints”

Travelogue – Vancouver, British Columbia

In August 2010 I had the opportunity to travel to Rossland, BC to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. Our host, Michael Cordiez was instrumental in bringing everyone together including two truly inspirational photographers, Dave Aharonian and Ron Skei. The times we spent talking about our craft and philosophy ofContinue reading “Travelogue – Vancouver, British Columbia”