Little Pond

The Little Pond Workshop this year had a wee bit of drama this year with a model dropping out last minute and lighter than expected attendance.  This might sound awful, but it meant that I was out as an instructor, but able to work with some of the models as a photographer.  I had my large format camera with me (film coming soon!) and shot some digital as well.  It also allowed me to create some of the first outdoor landscape nudes of the season this year.

Little Pond - Erica Jay
Little Pond – Erica Jay
Hay Loft - Erica Jay
Hay Loft – Erica Jay

model: Erica Jay
©2017 scott nichol
all rights reserved

Massively Under Exposed

This is what happens when you massively under expose your film. These images were from a roll of Ilford Delta 400 film that I pushed to 800 ISO and then developed properly for the push processing.  However, something else had gone wrong when making the exposures.  Either the battery in my old Mamiya RZ67 had died and fallen back to a default shutter speed of 1/250 sec (likely).  Or I had metered the shot and didn’t adjust the shutter speed (also likely).  But in any event, the negatives were very thin, to say the least, just a hint of an image there.  But as a testament to the strength of latitude that can be captured by film, I scanned them anyway and got, what I consider to be very compelling images.  Full of grain, character and emotion.  I hope you like them as much as I do.


Zoe - Under Exposed 2
Zoe – Under Exposed 2
Zoe - Under Exposed 4
Zoe – Under Exposed 4
Zoe - Under Exposed 3
Zoe – Under Exposed 3

model: zoe cw
©2017 scott nichol
all rights are mine. you don’t have permission.

The Slow Dissolve

I had an inspiration to try something a little different, a vision of ambiguity balanced with definition.  The effect here is accomplished almost completely in-camera with the addition of some local burning and contrast management.


Model: Dakota Snow
©2017 scott nichol
all rights are mine. you do not have permission.

Four Steps

Had a blast this morning shooting with Zoe and then we quit early to go get coffee and crepes.  Still, we managed to crank out some really great shots.

I processed this with Capture One, which I’m tempted to purchase as a RAW editor, but keep coming up against its limitations.

Model: ZoeCW
©2017 scott nichol
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