rockin’ the low contrast

i recently revisited a few images from a session i did with a friend Olivia.  we spent an few minutes at a workshop i was teaching working with a very simple lighting setup.  a single, large softbox over head and close to the wall where Olivia was posing.  when i went to finish these images,Continue reading “rockin’ the low contrast”

Palladium Prints

a little while ago i ventured back into the darkroom armed with some new ideas for tweaking my palladium printing techniques.  i wasn’t happy with the prints that i’d made before.  there were issues with clearing the prints and the density of the blacks wasn’t exactly where i wanted it to be.  i’d read onContinue reading “Palladium Prints”

my reflected self

the reflection in this shot is not photoshop trickery again.  this was a pool of still water that we found out at ringing rocks park.  the mirror like surface is just what came through the lens! shot on Ilford Delta 400, pushed to ISO 800.  1/8th of a second at f/5.6 if i recall.  scannedContinue reading “my reflected self”

Restored Prison, Chambersburg, PA

With the help of some friends Chuck Armstrong and Billy Monday, I recently had the chance to shoot in an historic prison in Chambersburg, PA.  The space is exceptionally well preserved and is often open to the public for tours.  There were a few spaces that really intrigued me, the first was the building’s attic.Continue reading “Restored Prison, Chambersburg, PA”