I was in a bar tonite satisfying my hunger as well a my thirst. I noticed a woman sitting next to me wearing a very short gingham skirt. She had a buise on her upper thigh and I wondered for a moment where this might have come from.

By the time I realized that this was none of my business, she turned to me and said, “You’re wondering about the bruise, aren’t you?” I couldn’t deny my curiosity but before she answered, I gave her the easy out and inquired about her lack of coordination around cabinet door handles. She nodded in agreement and cursed the kitchen in her new apartment.

The conversation changed suddenly to the fact that the Phils were up 1-0 on the sixth and did I think they could pull it out tonight? When I told her that the only true sports were Formula 1 and rally races in Sweden, she turned back to her girl friend and asked, “Are you going to eat the last ‘wing?”

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