First 4×5 Enlargements

so, i recently won an ebay auction for an Omega D-II enlarger which gives me the ability to make silver gelatin prints of my 4×5 negatives.  having the ability to make original prints from these negatives is a real joy and it’s also kind of curious that this image printed out much differently than theContinue reading “First 4×5 Enlargements”

Nancy Greene Lake, Rossland, BC

morning at the lake around Nancy Greene Provincial Park were often chilly and we typically had some light mist floating on the waters.  one morning when we arrived at the lake, the entire lake was socked in with clouds.  the visuals that emerged were unlike anything i’d ever photographed before. here are a few framesContinue reading “Nancy Greene Lake, Rossland, BC”

my reflected self

the reflection in this shot is not photoshop trickery again.  this was a pool of still water that we found out at ringing rocks park.  the mirror like surface is just what came through the lens! shot on Ilford Delta 400, pushed to ISO 800.  1/8th of a second at f/5.6 if i recall.  scannedContinue reading “my reflected self”

Sarah Ellis – White

a few more frames from the series we did together.  i’ve shot other figures from this overhead perspective with lots of different textures and elements that i thought would add dimension and character to the images.  in almost every case this has worked exceedingly well and i’ve been most pleased with the images.  however, somethingContinue reading “Sarah Ellis – White”