Not For What Should Be

a mix of new and old.  shot with my shen hao 4×5 field camera and accidentally opened for editing in Nik Software’s Snapseed desktop app.  i usually work my photos in Photoshop, but once i had this image opened in Snapseed, i just decided to roll with it and see what happened.  and i likedContinue reading “Not For What Should Be”

First 4×5 Negative Scans

Shot with my new custom-converted Polaroid 900 body that’s now a 4×5 camera, these are some scans of the negatives I shot last week with Model Sarah.  Film of choice was Ilford HP5+, metered at ISO 400, we were typically at about 1/8th second at f/8.  The Caltar lens will shoot wide open at f/5.6,Continue reading “First 4×5 Negative Scans”

Van Dyke Browns

so, i had a bit of a vacation recently.  a week with lots of time to just think about things and i did a bit of research on some new photo processes including making Van Dyke Brown prints.  so, while i was away, i placed an order for a bunch of new chemistry: Ferric AmmoniumContinue reading “Van Dyke Browns”