Inversion Principle

i’ve been revisiting some old pieces, looking to pull together collections for some new books i’d like to publish and came across this lovely pose from Brooke. revisiting work years later always brings a fresh perspective, even if it is an old approach. look for the book sometime near the end of the year. model:Continue reading “Inversion Principle”

The Candid

often times when i’m looking to create something, the most perfect moment comes when models aren’t trying to pose.  it’s the weirdest thing because they’re all trying to give you their best “poses” but yet, the things that happen in between are the ones that really capture my imagination.  this, truly, was one of thoseContinue reading “The Candid”

Brooke, Rossland 2012

i’ve been holding back on some of the things i’ve been developing from this year’s trip to Rossland, BC in Canada in hopes that someday i’ll get all caught up with the film that i shot up there.  the dream of doing an epic post with everything collected and categorized is probably not the wayContinue reading “Brooke, Rossland 2012”

After Some Days Without Rain

working again in the delaware water gap, near the indian ladders falls. days without rain reveal the stream bed, leaving delicate water flows and small pools. scan from a Ilford HP5+ 4×5 negative. model: Brooke Lynne ©2012 scott nichol unauthorized use without written permission is strictly prohibited.

Beau Soleil

beautiful sun, which for me means its intensity is somewhat muted behind a thin veil of clouds. the magic combination that gives us life and a reason to celebrate all we enjoy on gods’ green earth. scan from a polaroid type-55 negative. model: Brooke Lynne © 2012 scott nichol all rights reserved no unauthorized useContinue reading “Beau Soleil”

Original Alternative Process Prints for Sale!

i’ve finally got some of the e-commerce features of the site up and working and now have the ability to offer some of my wonderful alternative process prints for sale.  they’re a bit more affordable here than they would be when selling through a gallery since i don’t have to work in the gallery commissionContinue reading “Original Alternative Process Prints for Sale!”