Massively Under Exposed

This is what happens when you massively under expose your film. These images were from a roll of Ilford Delta 400 film that I pushed to 800 ISO and then developed properly for the push processing.  However, something else had gone wrong when making the exposures.  Either the battery in my old Mamiya RZ67 hadContinue reading “Massively Under Exposed”


so, i had a minor accident in the darkroom. my setup is mostly a board across my washer/dryer in the basement. it works well, but i still have to do laundry. so, one day after making some prints, i left the tray of developer out just because i’m lazy and tired after i’m done. whenContinue reading “Solarization”

Direct to Positive

a while back i bought a bunch of Ilford Direct Positive paper. This is photo paper that you can load into a large format camera and shoot just like film, however when you process it, you do so in traditional black and white paper chemistry and the result is a positive image instead of aContinue reading “Direct to Positive”

Beau Soleil

beautiful sun, which for me means its intensity is somewhat muted behind a thin veil of clouds. the magic combination that gives us life and a reason to celebrate all we enjoy on gods’ green earth. scan from a polaroid type-55 negative. model: Brooke Lynne © 2012 scott nichol all rights reserved no unauthorized useContinue reading “Beau Soleil”

Holding Back

well, sometimes in your life amazing things happen and you just have to cherish the moment.  a good friend and fellow photographer, Olaf stopped by a couple weeks ago after i bugged him about some 4×5 film holders he was going to give me.  in addition to the film holders, he dropped off a shit-tonContinue reading “Holding Back”

The WE Project

Connexions Gallery in Easton, PA is doing a unique experiment in collaborative artwork.  Each artist starts with a 10×10 inch wood panel and creates a bit of artwork on it.  Next weekend, we turn in our creations and summarily receive someone else’s piece to which we embellish.  Likewise someone will receive my piece and addContinue reading “The WE Project”