Rhus – Ferns, Rossland

Rhus - Ferns, Rossland

The post holiday break has given me a chance to revisit some of my old work.  There’s a lot there thats been passed over in favor of the one or two I thought were perfect when I first looked through them.  But there are some that might be less than perfect (slightly soft focus in this case), that still hold some passion or emotion that shouldn’t be over looked.  Add to that the fact that I normally don’t work in color, but I thought that the greens here were just spectacular that it deserved a peek for the people who like my work.

Consider it something different for the year’s end.

These are from a trip I took to my friend Michael’s place in Rossland, BC in Canada back in (gulp, i feel old now) 2010.  Thanks to Michael and all my friends in Canada for such a consistently wonderful time.

Rhus - Ferns, Rossland
Rhus – Ferns, Rossland


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