Little Pond

The Little Pond Workshop this year had a wee bit of drama this year with a model dropping out last minute and lighter than expected attendance.  This might sound awful, but it meant that I was out as an instructor, but able to work with some of the models as a photographer.  I had myContinue reading “Little Pond”

The Slow Dissolve

I had an inspiration to try something a little different, a vision of ambiguity balanced with definition.  The effect here is accomplished almost completely in-camera with the addition of some local burning and contrast management. enjoy!scott Model: Dakota Snow©2017 scott nicholall rights are mine. you do not have permission.

Four Steps

Had a blast this morning shooting with Zoe and then we quit early to go get coffee and crepes.  Still, we managed to crank out some really great shots. I processed this with Capture One, which I’m tempted to purchase as a RAW editor, but keep coming up against its limitations. Model: ZoeCW©2017 scott nicholunauthorized useContinue reading “Four Steps”