Couldn’t Sleep

this one goes back a bit to august 2010 (my gawd, 3 years ago?!?). i’d been thinking about it for a while, but it needed some post processing work and now i’m pretty happy with it. taken in Rossland, BC at my friend Michael’s place in the mountains. model: Alena ©2013 scott nichol no unauthorizedContinue reading “Couldn’t Sleep”

the last days of summer

in years past, august has usually meant heading to cananda to hang with some of my favorite people. we didn’t get to do it this year, so here’s a free-lensed shot i did with Floofie back in 2011. good times, to be sure. model: Floofie ©2013 scott nichol unauthorized use prohibited

Brooke, Rossland 2012

i’ve been holding back on some of the things i’ve been developing from this year’s trip to Rossland, BC in Canada in hopes that someday i’ll get all caught up with the film that i shot up there.  the dream of doing an epic post with everything collected and categorized is probably not the wayContinue reading “Brooke, Rossland 2012”

The WE Project

Connexions Gallery in Easton, PA is doing a unique experiment in collaborative artwork.  Each artist starts with a 10×10 inch wood panel and creates a bit of artwork on it.  Next weekend, we turn in our creations and summarily receive someone else’s piece to which we embellish.  Likewise someone will receive my piece and addContinue reading “The WE Project”