the wrath of fortuna

a beautiful autumn morning spend with my dear friend Nori.  we shared a few hours of love and some tears.  i’m going to pester her to hang out again real soon because i think it’s the soup her soul needs right now.  if you don’t already know, her husband is fighting a nasty battle withContinue reading “the wrath of fortuna”

Mill at Tumbling Waters

it’s always wonderful when your favorite people suggest coming for a visit. when stephanie anne called me a few weeks ago and told me she was coming to visit, it turned out it would be over the weekend that was my birthday. what better birthday present than to head out into the woods and makeContinue reading “Mill at Tumbling Waters”

After Some Days Without Rain

working again in the delaware water gap, near the indian ladders falls. days without rain reveal the stream bed, leaving delicate water flows and small pools. scan from a Ilford HP5+ 4×5 negative. model: Brooke Lynne ©2012 scott nichol unauthorized use without written permission is strictly prohibited.

Adams Creek

i’ve known Nori for quite some time now.  she was the first model to ever pose nude for me.  but nori and her husband dan are going through some tough shitright now.  so, if you have some time, keep her in your thoughts or pray or whatever it is you do when others need comfort inContinue reading “Adams Creek”

Climbing Walls

One of the beautiful things about working with a large format field camera are the movements you can do with tilting the lens board.  It allows you to achieve a selective focus that you can’t get with a normal 35mm.  Originally the ability to tilt was for perspective correction in architectural photography, but the abilityContinue reading “Climbing Walls”

Original Alternative Process Prints for Sale!

i’ve finally got some of the e-commerce features of the site up and working and now have the ability to offer some of my wonderful alternative process prints for sale.  they’re a bit more affordable here than they would be when selling through a gallery since i don’t have to work in the gallery commissionContinue reading “Original Alternative Process Prints for Sale!”