Little Pond

The Little Pond Workshop this year had a wee bit of drama this year with a model dropping out last minute and lighter than expected attendance.  This might sound awful, but it meant that I was out as an instructor, but able to work with some of the models as a photographer.  I had myContinue reading “Little Pond”


i opened up my last box of Polariod Chocolate film and tried out some double exposures with Erica while she was here. for whatever reason, the emulsion on this one didn’t hold up too well, half of it was left on the backing paper. but sometimes accidents like this make me really happy. model: ericaContinue reading “Hereafter”

Climbing Walls

One of the beautiful things about working with a large format field camera are the movements you can do with tilting the lens board.  It allows you to achieve a selective focus that you can’t get with a normal 35mm.  Originally the ability to tilt was for perspective correction in architectural photography, but the abilityContinue reading “Climbing Walls”