Rhus – Ferns, Rossland

The post holiday break has given me a chance to revisit some of my old work.  There’s a lot there thats been passed over in favor of the one or two I thought were perfect when I first looked through them.  But there are some that might be less than perfect (slightly soft focus inContinue reading “Rhus – Ferns, Rossland”

Beach Island State Park

Summer 2007 at Beach Island State Park in New Jersey with model Hillary Marie. This is a new photo that I discovered while editing content for this copy of the book. I really loved its contrast with the other photo from that day. This photo is part of the book in the still air, availableContinue reading “Beach Island State Park”

Entrance at Indian Ladders

Stephanie Anne made a return to the east coast and we ventured out and up into the Delaware Water Gap area again. There are so many beautiful natural spots in the water gap, its often difficult to know where to start. This alcove at the base of a tree was so intoxicating and we onlyContinue reading “Entrance at Indian Ladders”

Blues of a River Dream

finally, after years of waiting, Blue Riverdream and i had the chance to shoot.  venturing out again to ringing rocks, we found salamanders and a bit of flowing water.  the foliage in its bright green provided an entrance way to the lower gorge.  a good spot for contemplating the blues of a bygone river dream.Continue reading “Blues of a River Dream”