Jordan Street Book Release

About a year ago I started to work on a project to bring together a collection of some of my favorite images from one of my most creative periods.  For 3 years from 2008-2011 I shared a somewhat large studio space with my friend George.  We spent many days down there creating and collaborating withContinue reading “Jordan Street Book Release”

Beach Island State Park

Summer 2007 at Beach Island State Park in New Jersey with model Hillary Marie. This is a new photo that I discovered while editing content for this copy of the book. I really loved its contrast with the other photo from that day. This photo is part of the book in the still air, availableContinue reading “Beach Island State Park”

Mid Stream

Another shot from the book in the still air, which is available for purchase now. This was taken early in July of 2007 on a day with two new models that I had met from Frederick, MD. Sister Dee was totally uninhibitied and just swam out mid-stream and just gave me that peaceful, serene lookContinue reading “Mid Stream”

in the still air

back in the spring of 2007 i started to follow a lot of figure photographers who were doing really wonderful work photographing nudes in landscapes and i knew this was something that i wanted to do.  i knew it would  be the next step in my growth as a figure photographer.  without much of anContinue reading “in the still air”

The Inked Muse / Bad Ass Chicks

For the past several months i’ve been working with some friends to create a wonderful book that celebrates the life of Craig Smith and his vision to celebrate, “the beauty of the female body and the aesthetic appreciation of body art.” Craig was a local gallery owner and advocate of the alternative arts scene inContinue reading “The Inked Muse / Bad Ass Chicks”

Chaos Theory

a colleague at my day-job recently set his communicator status (the nearest thing we’ve got to a facebook stream in the office) to a quote from a fortune cookie.  normally they’re just rubbish and often poorly translated adages.  but this one struck a particular chord with me. “Before the beginning of great brilliance, there mustContinue reading “Chaos Theory”

exhibit in west chester

i will be showing a collection of both summer outdoor works along with selected studio pieces at Three Little Pigs in West Chester, PA. i have 11 pieces on display, mostly 11×14 with some landscape pieces printed slightly larger. if you’re in or around that area of Pennsylvania (just west of Philadelphia), stop by tonight.Continue reading “exhibit in west chester”