Inversion Principle

i’ve been revisiting some old pieces, looking to pull together collections for some new books i’d like to publish and came across this lovely pose from Brooke. revisiting work years later always brings a fresh perspective, even if it is an old approach. look for the book sometime near the end of the year. model:Continue reading “Inversion Principle”

The Candid

often times when i’m looking to create something, the most perfect moment comes when models aren’t trying to pose.  it’s the weirdest thing because they’re all trying to give you their best “poses” but yet, the things that happen in between are the ones that really capture my imagination.  this, truly, was one of thoseContinue reading “The Candid”

Keira – Talc

Going back to September 2009, this was one of the first times I did a properly rigged overhead shoot. I’d clamped my monstrous Mamiya RZ67 to an overhead support, shooting straight down on the model. When I told Keira that i was going to cover her in talc, she looked at me with a worriedContinue reading “Keira – Talc”

Jordan Street Book Release

About a year ago I started to work on a project to bring together a collection of some of my favorite images from one of my most creative periods.  For 3 years from 2008-2011 I shared a somewhat large studio space with my friend George.  We spent many days down there creating and collaborating withContinue reading “Jordan Street Book Release”