an image of katlyn at the top of the stairwell in the building where we used to rent some studio space. scan of a 4×5 negative. a collection of these photos appears in the book Jordan Street: Studio Nudes 2008-2011 available for download in the iBookstore. model: katlyn lacoste ©2013 scott nichol unauthorized use strictlyContinue reading “Stairwell”

Window and Desk

One of the first shoots I did down at the Jordan Street Studio. This would be about the time that I fell in love with the natural light down there. This photo leads off the book Jordan Street: Studio Nudes, 2008-2011 available now at the iBookstore. model: carly erin ©2013 scott nichol all rights reservedContinue reading “Window and Desk”

Keira – Talc

Going back to September 2009, this was one of the first times I did a properly rigged overhead shoot. I’d clamped my monstrous Mamiya RZ67 to an overhead support, shooting straight down on the model. When I told Keira that i was going to cover her in talc, she looked at me with a worriedContinue reading “Keira – Talc”