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Jordan Street: Studio Nudes – 2008-2011
Jordan Street: Studio Nudes – 2008-2011

About a year ago I started to work on a project to bring together a collection of some of my favorite images from one of my most creative periods.  For 3 years from 2008-2011 I shared a somewhat large studio space with my friend George.  We spent many days down there creating and collaborating with wonderful figure models and fellow photographers.  The added space allowed me to stretch and expand my creativity and produce images I could have never imagined in the small, confined, make-shift studio in my home.  I’m grateful for the time I had there and I would like to share some of the images with you.

I had a vision to put them all into a printed book and make it available to collectors and fans of my work.  Printing, however, is expensive, especially when you go the print-on-demand route.  And with the number of images I wanted to use to faithfully capture this period, the price of the book would be more than what most people would want to pay for a coffee table book.  I started to experiment with electronic publishing, but honestly the standard format called EPUB is just not a format that is well suited to display photography.  Most readers try to squeeze the photos down into a format that minimizes images so that text can flow freely around them.  The layout typically looks awful and varies in crapitude from one e-book reader to the next.  And most e-book readers don’t have full-color displays anyway.

When Apple introduced iBook Author early in 2012, I downloaded it and started to experiment with layouts.  The software offered a freeform layout that reproduced my pages exactly as I designed them.  When I transferred the books to my iPad I was quite literally blown away.  The experience of viewing a photography book in a Retina-Display iPad was so crisp, clear, and full of detail.  It was way better than looking at just about any printed photography book that I’d ever seen.  So, I set out to get approved for an iTunes account, purchased a few ISBN numbers and submitted my first book design to be published on Apple’s iBookstore.

So, today I’m happy to announce that my book Jordan Street: Studio Nudes, 2008–2011 is available for purchase through the iBookstore.  The book includes over 60 photographs from the time I spent at Jordan Street.  If you own an iPad, this is one of the best ways to see my work save coming to an exhibit to see original prints.  Take a moment to visit the iBookstore, take a look at the sample, and leave me a review with your thoughts on the book overall.

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