in the still air

back in the spring of 2007 i started to follow a lot of figure photographers who were doing really wonderful work photographing nudes in landscapes and i knew this was something that i wanted to do.  i knew it would  be the next step in my growth as a figure photographer.  without much of an idea what i was doing or how to find the best locations, i set out to do the best i could and create images with meaning and artistic merit.

when the summer was over and i looked at the collection of images, i was really pleased with the collection and set out to design a book of the collected works and called it in the still air.  when i originally printed the book, i used a printer that was prohibitively expensive and had limited means to distribute it.  but i still  loved those images and wanted to find a way to share the work with a wider audience.

so, i recently redesigned the book, starting from scratch, remastering some of the photos and adding new ones to the mix.  the book is now available through in a variety of formats.   you can purchase the book in an ebook format for your iPad or iPhone, a standard 8×10 inch photo book, and an 11×13 inch edition printed on a premium uncoated matte finish paper that’s just beautiful.

Trinette - Bridal Veil
Trinette - Bridal Veil

over the next week or so, i will be posting images from this series on my blog here and other social networking sites that i use.  i’ll start with this one of trinette that was shot very early in the series and helps to define a direction and mood for the body of work.

Standard 8×10 Photo Book
eBook Format for iPad/iPhone
landscape nudes, 2007
By scott nichol
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