Wet Transfers: Dominique – Embryo

shot on ilford delta pro 100 film with the Mamiya RZ67, scanned, adjusted in photoshop for contrast, dodging and burning, spotted with healing brush for dust, and cropped.  printed on duralar coated with a custom mix of ink aid clear gloss pre-coat and golden acrylic flow release then wet transferred to Rives BFK watercolor paper.Continue reading “Wet Transfers: Dominique – Embryo”

Aperture 3

a sampling of some images that were processed entirely in the new Aperture 3.  that is with the exception of the fact that i cleaned up the backdrop on the first studio shot in Photoshop because it was quicker to clone/heal out the dirt and stray hairs on the floor than it was to doContinue reading “Aperture 3”