Radio Controlled

i recently purchased a set of Radiopopper JrX gizmos.  they’re radio frequency triggers used to fire flashes off-camera.  i wanted to use the Allentown Fair as a backdrop for some interesting experiments with the new devices.  before we started, we had a bit of a scare as they seemed to be triggering randomly and withoutContinue reading “Radio Controlled”

Chaos Theory

a colleague at my day-job recently set his communicator status (the nearest thing we’ve got to a facebook stream in the office) to a quote from a fortune cookie.  normally they’re just rubbish and often poorly translated adages.  but this one struck a particular chord with me. “Before the beginning of great brilliance, there mustContinue reading “Chaos Theory”

Help a Friend – Susie B Benefit Print Sale

hello friends: I am sure that many of you may have heard about Susie B (model mayhem, deviantArt) and her recent accident. While she is currently on the road to recovery, her medical expenses continue to mount. Susie is anxious to return to work as a nurse, but with the recent outbreak of swine flu andContinue reading “Help a Friend – Susie B Benefit Print Sale”

Review of our Contrasts Show at Monsoon

I was recently interviewed by Geoff Gehman, an arts writer for the Morning Call, our local daily news paper. Geoff spoke to me and Olaf Starorypinski about the pieces we have on exhibit right now at Monsoon Galleries as well as photography, influences, shooting nudes, and the tremendous creative contributions that the models provide inContinue reading “Review of our Contrasts Show at Monsoon”