Four Steps

Had a blast this morning shooting with Zoe and then we quit early to go get coffee and crepes.  Still, we managed to crank out some really great shots. I processed this with Capture One, which I’m tempted to purchase as a RAW editor, but keep coming up against its limitations. Model: ZoeCW©2017 scott nicholunauthorized useContinue reading “Four Steps”

Apple to Spin off Pro Apps Division

This is a headline I would truly love to see come across the Mac New blogosphere someday soon.  I am committed to Apple’s products from a hardware and software perspective.  It’s a choice I make, mostly because I like the way their products work.  Am i an Apple fanboy?  Yeah, a bit.  But this decisionContinue reading “Apple to Spin off Pro Apps Division”

Keira – Snapseed Edits

i’m starting to really love Nik Software for their post-processing software. i only just heard about Snapseed, a photo editing app for the iPad and decided to try it out on some of the RAW files i shot with Keira in a swanky hotel room.  the software is easy to use and produces wonderful results.Continue reading “Keira – Snapseed Edits”

By the Silver Light

although a lot of my work tends to have a very familiar look and feel to it, its always fun to experiment with new tools and see if it leads you in any kind of new direction. so, i downloaded the demo for Silver Efex 2, a Photoshop plug-in for doing black and white conversions. theContinue reading “By the Silver Light”

Aperture 3

a sampling of some images that were processed entirely in the new Aperture 3.  that is with the exception of the fact that i cleaned up the backdrop on the first studio shot in Photoshop because it was quicker to clone/heal out the dirt and stray hairs on the floor than it was to doContinue reading “Aperture 3”