i opened up my last box of Polariod Chocolate film and tried out some double exposures with Erica while she was here. for whatever reason, the emulsion on this one didn’t hold up too well, half of it was left on the backing paper. but sometimes accidents like this make me really happy. model: ericaContinue reading “Hereafter”

Nude and Chair – Polaroid

working in the studio near the end of our stay there, i’d found an old Polaroid 250 camera on eBay that i bought for $17 and started trying to use it with studio lights. the results were usually unpredictable, but often interesting. if i remember correctly, this was old, expired polaroid sepia film and iContinue reading “Nude and Chair – Polaroid”

Keira – Talc

Going back to September 2009, this was one of the first times I did a properly rigged overhead shoot. I’d clamped my monstrous Mamiya RZ67 to an overhead support, shooting straight down on the model. When I told Keira that i was going to cover her in talc, she looked at me with a worriedContinue reading “Keira – Talc”