Nude and Chair – Polaroid

working in the studio near the end of our stay there, i’d found an old Polaroid 250 camera on eBay that i bought for $17 and started trying to use it with studio lights. the results were usually unpredictable, but often interesting. if i remember correctly, this was old, expired polaroid sepia film and iContinue reading “Nude and Chair – Polaroid”

katlyn – beltzville blue

Katlyn and I ventured out to Beltzville, a place which has traditionally marked the start for past summers’ outdoor nudes. Katlyn wanted to find some nice rocks and typically it is very secluded here. This didn’t turn out to be the case for a good portion of the day’s shoot, but we managed to pullContinue reading “katlyn – beltzville blue”

Double Chocolate Exposures

having one really wonderful art model come to visit for a few days is great, but two is kinda double the fun! i had the chance to work and collaborate with stephanie anne and brooke labrie for a day yesterday and then a little bit today. and i’ve had this old, expired polaroid chocolate filmContinue reading “Double Chocolate Exposures”