Keira Grant – Pabatco Hodaka

There are a lot of things that I like about this photo.  The graceful model, that interesting sign that I knew nothing about when I saw the side of the building, and the light is soft and light.  There’s real meaningful contrast between the model and the background.  It all comes together to form theContinue reading “Keira Grant – Pabatco Hodaka”

Keira Grant – Lock

Working images again feels cathartic on some level. Back to what I’ve always loved to do.  12:25am, listening to some of my favorite music, thinking bed might be more than a few minutes off again.  Where do these images come from?  It doesn’t often matter, just that some photons passed through a transparent medium ontoContinue reading “Keira Grant – Lock”

Keira – Talc

Going back to September 2009, this was one of the first times I did a properly rigged overhead shoot. I’d clamped my monstrous Mamiya RZ67 to an overhead support, shooting straight down on the model. When I told Keira that i was going to cover her in talc, she looked at me with a worriedContinue reading “Keira – Talc”

Keira Grant – Abandoned Rossland Mine

Hauling 30 pounds of camera gear up a mountain might have been one of the most strenuous things I’ve done in a while. But the end result was some night light interesting, empty spaces. model: Keira Grant scan of an Ilford HP5+ 4×5 negative.  shot at ISO 800, developed in Xtol 1:1 ©2012 scott nicholContinue reading “Keira Grant – Abandoned Rossland Mine”

Keira – Snapseed Edits

i’m starting to really love Nik Software for their post-processing software. i only just heard about Snapseed, a photo editing app for the iPad and decided to try it out on some of the RAW files i shot with Keira in a swanky hotel room.  the software is easy to use and produces wonderful results.Continue reading “Keira – Snapseed Edits”

Keira – Ringing Rocks

Ringing Rocks continues to provide inspiration with each return visit. When I finished there last summer, I thought I was done with the location. But returning there again, especially now that there’s more water flowing, I was able to find plenty to keep my lenses occupied! model: Keira Grant Available Sizes 7 x 10 inchContinue reading “Keira – Ringing Rocks”

salted paper prints

well after about a full day of curve design and some tweaks this morning, i finally got a curve that produces a fairly linear curve for salted paper prints.  the salted paper process was invented by William Henry Fox Talbot, known as The Father of Modern Photography, in 1833 while he was on his honeyContinue reading “salted paper prints”