Potassium Dichromate and Other Influencers

so, i’ve been itching to get down into the darkroom again and try contact printing some of my 4×5 negatives with some of the traditional processes that i love.  friday’s experiments with salt print didn’t produce much worth noting.  and saturday’s experiments with van dyke brown just started out rather dreadful.  the prints were comingContinue reading “Potassium Dichromate and Other Influencers”

First 4×5 Enlargements

so, i recently won an ebay auction for an Omega D-II enlarger which gives me the ability to make silver gelatin prints of my 4×5 negatives.  having the ability to make original prints from these negatives is a real joy and it’s also kind of curious that this image printed out much differently than theContinue reading “First 4×5 Enlargements”