The WE Project

Connexions Gallery in Easton, PA is doing a unique experiment in collaborative artwork.  Each artist starts with a 10×10 inch wood panel and creates a bit of artwork on it.  Next weekend, we turn in our creations and summarily receive someone else’s piece to which we embellish.  Likewise someone will receive my piece and add to it.  This happens through three iterations and at the end, all of the panels are hung in their gallery.

Originally, I thought I might be able to apply cyanotype directly to the board, possibly treated with gesso, but it looked like that wouldn’t work.  So, I switched to bamboo paper.  And I got such beautiful results (I really think I might be falling in love with Cyanotype).  Here is a scan of a proof print, though the final print will be a bit different than this, graphically speaking.

For now, enjoy the sneak peak.

Bank Room Cyanotype - Artist's Proof
Bank Room Cyanotype - Artist's Proof
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