Katlyn, Peter, and I headed out to the Everglades when I went to visit her in Florida last month. I found an interesting spot where I could contrast some of the endless overhead power lines with Florida’s attempt to preserve the natural ecosystem. In the end we didn’t get eaten by a crocodile, which isContinue reading “Everglades”

Direct to Positive

a while back i bought a bunch of Ilford Direct Positive paper. This is photo paper that you can load into a large format camera and shoot just like film, however when you process it, you do so in traditional black and white paper chemistry and the result is a positive image instead of aContinue reading “Direct to Positive”

Good ’til the Last Drop

inspired by the writing over at caffenol.org, i decided to try my hand a developing some negatives using their coffee infused developer recipe!  i wandered about the grounds of the old Bethlehem Steel plant and set up with my Shen Hao 4×5 and some sheets of Fomapan 400.  i simply metered for 400 speed andContinue reading “Good ’til the Last Drop”