Holding Back

well, sometimes in your life amazing things happen and you just have to cherish the moment.  a good friend and fellow photographer, Olaf stopped by a couple weeks ago after i bugged him about some 4×5 film holders he was going to give me.  in addition to the film holders, he dropped off a shit-ton of film.  and included in the lot were two boxes of Polaroid Type 55.

really? T-55?  it’s kinda legendary film.  and he just gave it to me.  he just wants a print sometime in exchange.

i’ve already used about 8 frames of it and i’m feeling a weight that i’ve never felt in photography before.  what good can come from this, what truly stunning images can i create?  herein lies the challenge.  and the first that i feel has some heft.  enjoy.

Model: Mikaela
Scan of the Type 55 Negative
Natural light from my open garage door.


Mikaela - Not Holding Back
Mikaela - Not Holding Back
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