Rhus – Ferns, Rossland

The post holiday break has given me a chance to revisit some of my old work.  There’s a lot there thats been passed over in favor of the one or two I thought were perfect when I first looked through them.  But there are some that might be less than perfect (slightly soft focus inContinue reading “Rhus – Ferns, Rossland”

Keira Grant – Pabatco Hodaka

There are a lot of things that I like about this photo.  The graceful model, that interesting sign that I knew nothing about when I saw the side of the building, and the light is soft and light.  There’s real meaningful contrast between the model and the background.  It all comes together to form theContinue reading “Keira Grant – Pabatco Hodaka”

Keira Grant – Lock

Working images again feels cathartic on some level. Back to what I’ve always loved to do.  12:25am, listening to some of my favorite music, thinking bed might be more than a few minutes off again.  Where do these images come from?  It doesn’t often matter, just that some photons passed through a transparent medium ontoContinue reading “Keira Grant – Lock”

Keira Grant – Spiral

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the chance to explore some figure studies with a model. So, I carved out some time this weekend to work with an old friend who was in town and booked a slot at Frog Hollow Studios.  Located on the Main Line in the Philadelphia suburbs, the studio is quiteContinue reading “Keira Grant – Spiral”

Opening the Vault

It’s truly been a while since I’ve posted anything new here.  I hope you’re all not too disappointed in me.  For some reason today I started to think of some old images I shot with an old friend a long time ago.  Almost 8 years ago this week Zinn and I traveled down to theContinue reading “Opening the Vault”

Beltzville, April 2014

lest anyone think i haven’t been shooting anything interesting lately, i’ve just been a bit behind on getting posts up onto the blog. auris and i went out on a truly chilly april morning to one of my favorite outdoor locations. i usually use this spot to start off my outdoor work when it startsContinue reading “Beltzville, April 2014”


so, i had a minor accident in the darkroom. my setup is mostly a board across my washer/dryer in the basement. it works well, but i still have to do laundry. so, one day after making some prints, i left the tray of developer out just because i’m lazy and tired after i’m done. whenContinue reading “Solarization”