New 55 Film – Round 2

New 55 Test: Nude Figure with Window Light

I’m finally getting back to shooting a bit more and had an afternoon scheduled with an art model yesterday.  I wanted desperately to give my stock of New 55 Film another chance after I’d disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled my film holder.  The results I got were much better and far more promising than my earlier experiments, though getting everything to work properly wasn’t without challenges.  I was able to get one sheet into the film holder, get the sleeve pulled off to expose the film, and make an exposure.  The problems came when I tried to shoot another frame and couldn’t get the sleeve to release inside the film holder, thus making an exposure impossible.  This is not the fault of the film itself, more likely a problem with my film holder not grabbing the clip at the end of the envelope.

Ultimately, the result I got was very promising, but I think I might have fogged or solarized the film a little bit because I didn’t protect the negative properly when transferring to the fixer (I pulled the negative off the backing paper, thus exposing the unfixed negative.  The image is really sharp, especially considering it was a 1/2 second exposure.

Model: Caitie Marie
©2016 scott nichol
all rights reserved

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