Chaos Theory

a colleague at my day-job recently set his communicator status (the nearest thing we’ve got to a facebook stream in the office) to a quote from a fortune cookie.  normally they’re just rubbish and often poorly translated adages.  but this one struck a particular chord with me. “Before the beginning of great brilliance, there mustContinue reading “Chaos Theory”

Help a Friend – Susie B Benefit Print Sale

hello friends: I am sure that many of you may have heard about Susie B (model mayhem, deviantArt) and her recent accident. While she is currently on the road to recovery, her medical expenses continue to mount. Susie is anxious to return to work as a nurse, but with the recent outbreak of swine flu andContinue reading “Help a Friend – Susie B Benefit Print Sale”

Photographer’s Forum

Last April I submitted about 12 or 15 images for consideration to Photographer’s Forum magazine.  I later found out that my submission had been accepted for publication in the magazine and that it would be appearing in the February issue.  In the end, the decision came down to 4 candidate images from my submission andContinue reading “Photographer’s Forum”