i’ve spent the past 3-or-so years photographing the female form. tall women, some skinny, some curvy. i’ve seen some of them change, get more tattoos, cut their hair, and threaten to retire. i’ve shot in waterfalls, deserts, the high sierras, and abandoned buildings of all sorts. about the only thing i haven’t done is worked with an expectant mother-to-be. and though it is something that has always intrigued me, i’ve never had the chance to explore the female form in this way.

Amber - Expecting
Amber - Expecting, No.1

i was amazed to watch amber’s interpretation of her body while carrying her unborn son. her movements seemed to be a poetic dance with new found partner. my original plan was to shoot somethings with amber that could be showcased as a maternity product to offer potential clients. however, i found myself quickly falling into the back into a typical figure study with amber. these new curves were unique and beautiful and unlike anything i’d ever seen before.

Amber - Expecting, No. 2
Amber - Expecting, No.2

twas a rare opportunity, and one i’d love to experience again.

– scott

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