making peace with ghosts

i had so many plans this week.  working on web sites, looking into developing an iPhone application, getting some holiday cards out. but none of that has happened.  i’ve spent almost every waking moment getting the artwork ready for the some ghosts show which i am opening on saturday january 3.  some things didn’tContinue reading “making peace with ghosts”

Evil, Evil Men and the Women Who Love Us

So, I’m fortunate in many ways to have the opportunity to have the chance to collaborate with so many creative people on a regular basis. The creativity often come in the form of collaborating with talented models and more often than not, the collaboration requires a fair amount of trust. The model has to trustContinue reading “Evil, Evil Men and the Women Who Love Us”

finding the moment

there’s no doubt that Elizabeth is a wonderful model.  she’s easy to travel with, has an incredible sense of humor, and when she’s modeling for me is positively luminescent!  however, one of the key elements to making true art is that you have to put yourself into a space where the defining moments will present themselves.  andContinue reading “finding the moment”