Sarah Ellis – White

a few more frames from the series we did together.  i’ve shot other figures from this overhead perspective with lots of different textures and elements that i thought would add dimension and character to the images.  in almost every case this has worked exceedingly well and i’ve been most pleased with the images.  however, somethingContinue reading “Sarah Ellis – White”

Restored Prison, Chambersburg, PA

With the help of some friends Chuck Armstrong and Billy Monday, I recently had the chance to shoot in an historic prison in Chambersburg, PA.  The space is exceptionally well preserved and is often open to the public for tours.  There were a few spaces that really intrigued me, the first was the building’s attic.Continue reading “Restored Prison, Chambersburg, PA”

Clay, Revisited

a while back i tried to work with a concept, using clay dissolved in water and applied to a model’s skin to produce texture.  and while i liked some of the results, i thought i could revisit it with my friend Stephanie Anne and get something fresh.  the results exceeded my expectations.  shot on IlfordContinue reading “Clay, Revisited”


its the counterpoint to my black strokes the sunshine through my clouds the full moon in the blanket of starry night white brings levity to all of the work i do and in its absence there is only black, this time brought to life by elizabeth

Wet Transfers: Dominique – Embryo

shot on ilford delta pro 100 film with the Mamiya RZ67, scanned, adjusted in photoshop for contrast, dodging and burning, spotted with healing brush for dust, and cropped.  printed on duralar coated with a custom mix of ink aid clear gloss pre-coat and golden acrylic flow release then wet transferred to Rives BFK watercolor paper.Continue reading “Wet Transfers: Dominique – Embryo”

Write up for Nude and Draped Figure Exhibit

My friend Bill Earle and i recently submitted works for the Nude and Draped Figure at the Chester County Arts Association. The Chester Count Daily Local News had a nice write up about it in their weekend section. The article appears below. (Highlighting by yours truly!) The article is also linked on-line here.