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Zinn - Embraced
Zinn - Embraced

Last April I submitted about 12 or 15 images for consideration to Photographer’s Forum magazine.  I later found out that my submission had been accepted for publication in the magazine and that it would be appearing in the February issue.  In the end, the decision came down to 4 candidate images from my submission and the magazine will publish “one or two” to feature my work.  

The magazine will be on newsstands later this week and everyone should try to pick up a copy!  I spoke to Julie, the editor at Photographer’s Forum today and she’s sending me some copies for my archives.  So, hopefully, I will have them in a few days.  I don’t actually know which images they decided to go with, but this image of Zinn is one of my hopefuls to be included.  This is a very early work for me, taken almost 2 years ago and it was a simple lighting setup with one softbox on the floor only a few feet away from the model.

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