making peace with ghosts

i had so many plans this week.  working on web sites, looking into developing an iPhone application, getting some holiday cards out.

but none of that has happened.  i’ve spent almost every waking moment getting the artwork ready for the some ghosts show which i am opening on saturday january 3.  some things didn’t go well (the press release got lost in the holiday rush, so the announcement won’t appear in the local paper).  but other things  have come together quite well (the photographs look fantastic and the words i’ve chosen to go with them bring the power and emotion i was looking for).

but now, i’m finishing the final images and should be heading over to start hanging my work later this afternoon.  its been a lot of work preparing a solo show.  a lot more than i’d imagined.  i’m nervous and anxious to see people’s reactions.  i hope it comes off as well as i envision and worry terribly that it won’t.

2 thoughts on “making peace with ghosts

  1. Awesome video…you’re the man!

    I know the feeling just before an opening…what else can I do…what did I forget 😉 I’m sure the show will be a huge hit 🙂
    I wish I was able to attend such a ghostly affair!

    Take lots of photo and enjoy a few glasses of wine!


  2. I hope it was a smashing success! I’m sure it was. The video is brilliant! Watched the whole thing. Yay go You!


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