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in the still air - book cover
in the still air - book cover

so i ordered the first copies of in the still air and will start selling signed and numbered copies immediately. i’ve taken an advertisement out in Black and White magazine to help promote the sales of this limited edition book. there will only be 50 copies ever printed. Black and White Magazine was kind enough to give me some space on their website to promote my work. along with the exposure advertisement that is in the October issue, i hope that this will help to make people aware of my work and possibly peak some interest in the book. you can see the gallery at BW mag here:

Black and White Magazine’s Advertiser Galleries

several collectors have already ordered their own copy of the book and i suspect when the October issue hits the news stands, the remaining copies will go fast. if anyone would like to order a copy, i have a few in stock right now and i can ship them out almost immediately! details here:

all the best, scott