How Much Longer

Caitie Marie - How Much Longer

I’ve always loved the idea of shooting from above and when I had the chance to shoot in a large studio space with a custom built table like this, I needed to make this happen.  From a technical standpoint, it was a bit complex to set up and execute.  The camera was mounted to a boom stand with a 15 foot USB cable tethering the camera for remote shooting.  And it was surreal to see the live view from the camera displayed on my laptop screen, working mostly with my back to the model.  The other novelty of the setup was that the model could see herself on the laptop screen as well, so she could form her pose and see in real-time what it would look.  The connection between model and photographer is always crucial to creating a compelling piece of artwork and while this certainly created a much different connection, I think the result can speak for itself.

Model: Caitie Marie
©2016 scott nichol
all rights to this are held by me.  hands off unless I say so.

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