Waste Only

Rubbish Bin, Suburban Station

It always seems like a good idear to not have to drive into the city, use public transport, and she some gas. But inevitably, when you have to get out of the city late at night train schedules don’t always jive with when Nine Inch Nails decides to end their show! So we narrowly missed the 11:15 train out of the city and now have to wait for the 12:15.

nine inch nails, philadelphia, 8.29.2008

The show put on by NIN was among the best I’ve ever seen them put on. They performed really well and had an amazing set of video displays that actually wrapped around the stage, in front of and behind the band. And the video on the displays often incorporated live feedback from the performance on very abstract and surreal ways.

The performances were spot on and at one point they completely transformed the stage by bringing out a complete set of mirambas, an upright bass and other instruments you rarely see at an aggressive rock show!  they performed some really great selections from Ghosts I-IV with this set and the choice of instrumentation really added a lot to the show.  people that were previously moshing and slamming into each other were transfixed during this part of the performance.

If you have a chance to see nine inch nails this year, I would highly recommend it!!

nine inch nails, philadelphia, 8.29.2008
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