never should have beens

“my field of wonder whens and never should have beens”

shot on Rollei Infrared 400 4×5 film. filtered through a Hoya R72 filter, metered at ISO 12 and given a 50% longer development than recommended. this is full sunlight, green grass and blue skies.

model: kaitlin laura

Kaitlin Laura - never should have been
Kaitlin Laura - never should have been

3 thoughts on “never should have beens

  1. Oh my GOD Scott….

    this is absolutely breathtaking!!! I would buy this for my wall in 16×20 if I had the money!

    The feel and emotion (maybe the title effects me too) nearly brings me to tears.

    I need to come see you do this stuff sometime since you have some SERIOUS toys you’re doing so much with!!! ❤ ~Lela


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