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tried to fire up the darkroom again to make some salted paper prints of recent work with Katlyn Lacoste and had limited success.  the problem with most of these alternative processes is simply that the chemistry and resulting quality of prints are subject to variations in temperature and humidity in the space where the prints are made.  its getting to be winter in the north eastern US and the conditions in my basement are different now than they were when i was printing in the summer.  originally, prints were made when the basement was 68 degrees and 50% humidity.  now its about 60 degrees down there and only 35% humidity.  this had a real effect on the look of the prints.  the gold chloride toner used to finish the prints was largely ineffective at 60 degrees.  warming the toner up a bit helped, but the prints just had different tones than my originals.  instead of coming back to a  more neutral tone, the prints remained much warmer.  although they’re not entirely bad, i preferred the original look.

so now i’ll have to attempt to manage the atmosphere down there with a space heater and humidifier.  this could prove to be a challenge, especially since the space heater will probably counteract the efforts of the humidifier.  certainly a creative challenge.  however, here are two of the best prints from that session.

prints were made from digital photos from digitally printed negatives and printed on Arches Platine paper.  print size is about 6 x 7.5 inches.

Katlyn Lacoste - White Body Paint #5899
Katlyn Lacoste - White Body Paint #5899
Katlyn Lacoste - White Body Paint #5914
Katlyn Lacoste - White Body Paint #5914

I am making several of the artist’s proofs of these prints are available for purchase. These are preliminary test prints that contain some printing imperfections. They are available at about half the cost of a perfect print. Prints are signed on the back and marked with “artist’s proof”. Image size is 6×7.5 inches, printed on 9×11 inch sheet of Arches Platine paper. Edges are torn with a straight edge and the original deckle edge is on the bottom of each print. There are only 3 proofs of #5899 and 4 proofs of #5914 and sold on a first come, first served basis.

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White Body Paint #5899 $175.00
White Body Paint #5914 $175.00

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